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Croatia Travel

"Croatia Travel" "Croatia Development Limited" was established in 2010 and launched the brand "Croatia Travel" in 2015. As a registered travel agency in Hong Kong, it is regulated by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong. Its main target audience is Hong Kong and overseas Chinese travelers. "Croatia Travel" has the support of shareholders from local ground operators in Croatia. With the assistance of a professional team in Hong Kong, it plans itineraries and customizes exclusive travel packages for customers. In addition to Croatia, we also frequently provide services in neighboring countries such as Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Italy.

The story of Croatia Travel starts with the on-line platform Croatia Independent Travellers. Justin Chan, Valeria Teo and another Croatian partner living in Hong Kong founded an on-line travel planning platform (www.croatia.com.hk) because of their special affiliations with Croatia. 




Justin CHAN, Founder and Director

As early as 2010, Justin established Croatia Development Limited in Hong Kong to promote Croatia. Justin and Valeria, a Hong Kong resident who lives and operates a guesthouse in Split, Croatia, created the first Chinese self-guided travel website for Croatia, which received the official recommendation from the Croatian National Tourist Board( Official Recommendation Letter ). Justin shares his knowledge and experiences of Croatia on the internet. In addition to being invited as a guest on online radio to introduce Croatia, during the 2018 World Cup, Justin went to Croatia on behalf of Apple Daily News for on-site reporting on the eve of the final and the post-match celebration in the feature article "World Cup●Croatia: A Close-up." Justin has also given travel lectures on Croatia and its neighboring countries at the Hong Kong International Travel Expo. Justin's love for Croatia and his promotional work have been covered by Croatian media, including local TV station RTL, online media outlets 24 Sata, Index, Glas Istre, Croatia.hr, Dalmatia.com, and  Croatia Week . He has also been invited by ViuTV, a Hong Kong television station, to shoot travel programs, including "Travel Guide - Croatia Edition" (2020) and "Winning at the Starting Line of Travel - Croatia Edition" (2024), to introduce Croatia comprehensively to the audience."

Justin has founded Croatia Development Co. Ltd. for promoting Croatia since 2010. His first attempt was a travel website about Croatia. And it became the first Chinese travel website to be recommended by the Croatian Tourist Board ( Official Recommendation Letter ). Justin has shared his in-depth knowledge about traveling to Croatia. Besides being invited to an on-line radio travel programme featuring Croatia, During World Cup 2018, Justin worked for Apple Daily and went to Croatia for[World Cup – Live at Croatia] , he did live report for Before and After the Final for Hong Kong audience. Justin has delivered Travel Seminars on Croatia and nearby countries in the Hong Kong International Travel EXPO. Justin was also featured in the Croatian media, including RTL, 24 Sata, Index, Glas Istre, Croatia.hr, Dalmatia.com, Croatia Week etc. for his passion and work for promoting Croatia. In addition, it also cooperated with Hong Kong's ViuTV to film the travel program "Ten Thousand Tours -Croatia" to fully introduce Croatia to the audience.

"Ten Thousand Tours -Croatia" (Trailer)

EP 1 - Croatia - Zagreb

EP 2 - Croatia - Dubrovnik

EP 3 - Croatia - Split

EP 3 - Croatia - Luka Modric 

EP 4 - Croatia - Truffle  

EP 4 - Croatia - Zadar

EP 5 - Croatia - Chatered Flight 

EP 5 - Croaita - Dinamo Zagreb


Valeria Teo , Founder

She is a writer and an independent traveller. Her passion for travel has taken her to nearly 30 countries since 1992. The trip to Croatia in 2007 has brought her a husband and her first Chinese novel. Valeria has published two Chinese novels set in Croatia and a collection of Chinese essays. Besides being a regular blogger for the Hong Kong travel site UTravel and GOtrip, she writes for various organizations and online publications in both English and Chinese. Having appeared in two Hong Kong on-line radio travel programmes featuring Croatia, Valeria was also consulted by one Taiwan and one Hong Kong TV station for shooting travel programmes in and around Croatia.

Valeria Teo is now running the following Private accommodation in Split, Croatia. Please feel free to contact us for enquiry. 

Studio Apt Orchard on Rokova Street - 5 min Walk to the Old Town of Split

Studio Rose on Rokova Street - 5 min. Walk to the Old Town of Split

Studio Iris on Rokova Street - 5 min. Walk to the Old Town of Split

Apt Lavender on Nincevica St-1 BR Apt 5 min. to the Old Town of Split

Apt Kiki on Nincevica St - 1 BR Apt 5 min. to the Old Town of Split

Rm Antonio on Dumanica St - En-suite Rm 5 min. to the Old Town of Split


ATI Limited (Croatian Office)

From a family business founded in 1992 based in Pula, ATI established Croatia Travel in Hong Kong together with Justin for far east market in 2015, ATI is supporting Croatia Travel for various travel products and services via local Croatian networt and experience. On the other hand, ATI has grown into a leading "Boutique" agency on the market for the professional organization of business meetings, trips, and events as well.


Igor Diminić (Destination Development Manager)

Igor has joined "Croatia Travel" in 2016 and worked his way up from driver to Destination Development Manager. His professional background in communication and TV production, brand development and account manager, sales and travel, paired with his entrepreneurial experience, became a great match for what Justin wants to achieve through "Croatia Development Co. Ltd." and "Croatia Travel"; to build a go-to business platfom that bridges Hong Kong with Croatia and its immediate EU neighborhood. From envisioning to the development and delivery of our services, Igor has a deep understanding of every aspect of the business and the needs of the client.


Health Life Academy (Croatian NGO)

Health Life Academy (HLA) is a registered NGO in Croatia and their Mission is to systematically develope positive values of healthy living and promote physical activity and its long-term positive effects for the youngest population. HLA also possess Visiosn to establish a new dimension of social responsibility through the development of sport equality for all children, including children with developmental difficulties. During last last 9 years, Association successfully organized more than 40 tournaments and events along with educational programs, conferences and symposiums. One of the Ambasadors for HLA is Croatian National Football Team Player, Mateo Kovačić.


Amor Lingua College (Croatian College)