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Please read carefully our Terms of Use and our Privacy Statement. While using our website, it is considered that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Statement.
“Croatia Travel” is the brand name of www.croatia.com.hk. “Croatia Travel” listed below also means www.croatia.com.hk.

Terms of Use

  • The logo of Croatia Travel is owned by Croatia Travel and as such cannot be used without the explicit written permission of Croatia Travel.
  • Croatia Travel claims copyright on every text and photos published on the website, except where otherwise is stated (explicit mentioning of the authors or sources of the texts or photos). Without the explicit permission of Croatia Travel, any content transfer to other websites is not allowed.
  • Croatia Travel cannot be held responsible for incorrect or inaccurate content and images that are transmitted from our website to the others.
  • Croatia Travel, including the employees, cannot absolutely guarantee the accuracy, applicability, completeness and validity of the website content. Croatia Travel cannot be held responsible for negligence and as much as is legally allowed for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury, including death, which may arise by the use of the website content.
  • All users are considered familiar with and agreeable to our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement while using this website and all of its content.
  • Users agree not to misuse Croatia Travel or its contents. Any misuse or illegal action shall be reported to the Government as soon as it is discovered.

Privacy Statement

  • Croatia Travel is committed to respecting the privacy of all users of this website.
  • Croatia Travel may, as defined in accordance with the law, collect and process certain information, by automated means, which includes but is not limited to: IP data of the user's computer, Internet service provider, the country of origin, and used internet browser. Croatia Travel agrees to using all collected data only for statistical purposes for monitoring browsing activities as well as the operation and development of the portal.
  • All users are considered familiar with and agreeable to the rules of data protection and their possible violation while using any part of this website and all its sub categories

Please read carefully our Terms of Deal. You are considered to have read and agreed to our Terms of Deal upon confirming a deal with Croatia Travel.

Terms of Deal
General Terms

  • Croatia Travel base solely on information entered or provided by the customers for reservation with product(s) and /or service(s) provider(s) (such as hotel or airline). Customers shall check and ensure that all details are exactly the same as those on their travel documents. Croatia Travel cannot be held responsible for any delayed or invalid reservation caused by incorrect information.
  • According to the instructions of the Travel Industry Council (TIC), customers will receive corresponding protection provided by the Travel Industry Compensation Fund if 0.15% TIC levy, where applicable, is shown on the invoice or receipt.  For details, please contact the Travel Industry Compensation Fund Management Board on 3151 7945
  • Unless otherwise specified, travel insurance is NOT included in any product and / or service.
  • In case costs are increased due to foreign currency fluctuations, Croatia Travel reserves the right to adjust the costs and charges before clients' departure. These items include but are not limited to fuel surcharges, transportation, hotels costs and etc.
  • Taxes and surcharges are generally included in the price. In case there are exceptions, customer shall pay locally.
  • Prices listed on the website maybe not up-to-dated. Therefore, they should be taken as reference only. Accurate prices shall be quoted upon customers’ enquiry.
  • In case of special circumstances outside the control of Croatia Travel, such as visa delay, refused entry into any country, loss of travel document, traffic delay, technical problems of any form of transportation, strike, bad weather, natural disaster, war or political instability; overbooking at any hotel, sudden changes of flight schedules, aircraft types or en-route locations and etc…, Croatia Travel or its business partner(s) does not bear any responsibility for such changes or delays.  Croatia Travel will endeavor to assist the clients as much as the local circumstances permit. However, Croatia Travel or its delegated agency(ies) cannot be held responsible for any cost arisen from such circumstances.
  • Croatia Travel arranges, upon clients' requests, transportation (flights, boat trips, train or coach etc), accommodation, meals, sightseeing, special activities and etc (thereafter referred to as "Services") for their journeys. Croatia Travel, as a service provider, does not own, manage or operate these "Services".  Therefore, customers agree to waive and clear Croatia Travel of all liabilities and responsibilities, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from any result of such "Services" for any loss, damages, injury, accident, delay, scheduling changes or any other inconvenience, under all possible causes and reasons.

Regarding Flight and Accommodation

  • Airlines may, under any circumstances, change flight schedules or cancel flights which customers have reserved. Croatia Travel, as a travel agency, cannot be held responsible for any of these changes.
  • Customers shall read through terms and conditions set by the airlines as related to their flight tickets, for example free baggage allowance, check-in and boarding conditions, surcharge, conditions for changing flight and etc… Croatia Travel shall be clear of all responsibilities and liabilities for all these terms and conditions.
  • If passenger chooses to forfeit the scheduled flight on his/ her own during the journey, the un-used portion is not refundable and passenger can do so at his/her own risk. Croatia Travel is clear of any liability.
  • Croatia Travel has no control over seat assignment requests (especially in economy class). There is no guarantee for getting the specified seats even though the requests are made in advanced to the airline.
  • In case of unexpected incidents occurring at the departure city or destination such as typhoons, rainstorms, natural disasters, political unrest, strike or epidemic before flight departure, customers should pay attention to news broadcasts or contact the airline to confirm whether there is any change or cancellation of flights.  If flight take-off is unaffected, customers shall check-in according to the latest arrangements.  Croatia Travel cannot be held responsible for any additional costs induced from the incidents mentioned above.
  • Child fares are applicable only to children from the age of 2 to 11 who stay with two adults in the same room without extra bedding and breakfast.
  • Prices shown for "Air + hotel accommodation" packages are on per-person basis.  All quoted rooms are standard twin/double rooms unless otherwise stated.

Regarding Travel Document and Visa

  • Customers must ensure their passports / travel documents are valid for at least six months from the return date and the entry visas (if applicable) are valid for their journeys.  Croatia Travel is not liable for any problem or cost caused by invalid travel documents.
  • Croatia Travel does not apply visas on behalf of the customers. Croatia Travel only provides relevant documents such as confirmed accommodation reservation and confirmed itinerary to the customers for their own visa applications. Customers shall allow sufficient time for Croatia Travel to prepare the necessary documents. Croatia Travel cannot be held responsible for unsuccessful issuance of valid visas before customers' departure.