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The former Apostolic nuncio to Croatia has called Croatia “Europe's most Catholic country”. (“Re-disenchantment of Eastern Europe Christian” of Kung Kao Po dated 7th February 2014). Besides charming sceneries, Croatia evidently possesses a strong adoration for God and fervent prayer atmosphere.

Located in the present Bosnia and Hercegovina, Međugorje ("Medjugorje" in English) is a village inhabited mostly by Croatian in the ex-Yugoslavia period. On 24th June 1981, Our Lady Mary appeared for the first time and delivered messages to six young people in Međugorje: Messages for Peace, Conversion and Love. Over 20 million travellers have experienced penitence and regeneration at the shrine of Medjugorje for more than 30 years. Their lost souls have returned to the divine mercy.

Besides Croatia, our custom-made itinerary can include nearby countries like Vatican, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and etc.